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Activities 2009

On November 3 of 2009,  the 3rd International CIISCAM conference was held in Parma on "The Mediterranean Diet Today: A Model of Sustainable Diet. New Frontiers in the Mediterranean for Food Security". It was conceived as open minds initiative to discuss creatively and go forward, with consensus, to develop a new Mediterranean diet pyramid with no copyright as well as to define the MD as a sustainable diet highlighting overall sustainable benefits of the Mediterranean diet to be shared with all people living in the Mediterranean area. The 2009 CIISCAM international conference in Parma was the continuation of the debate started in 2002 with the First EuroMediterranean Forum on "Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger. Dialogues among  the Mediterranean Civiliations", held in Lametia Terme, Calabria, Italy,  continued in 2003 with the Second EuroMediterranean Forum on "Dialogues among Mediterranean Civilitations on Food Security. Te Role of Food Cultures for a Rural Sustainable Development", held in Corigliano Calabro, Calabria, Italy, and with the 3rd EuroMed Forum held in 2005 in Rome, at the Sapienza University of Rome, on Dialogues betwwen Civilizations and People of the Mediterranean: The Food Cultures.", in which was issued a Call for a Common Action on Food  in the Mediterranean.  2009 Parma Conference Brochure and Programme  English

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