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Activities 2005
3° Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures, Rome

From 30 September to 1 October of 2005, at the Rector Hall of the University of Rome, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of Italythe 3rd EuroMed Forum DIALOGUES BETWEEN CIVILIZATIONS AND PEOPLE:THE FOOD CULTURES is organized by the Food Sciences Institute in collaboration with Fondazione Universitas Italica, EuroMediterranean Network on Food Cultures, with the Technical Scientific Collaboration of CIHEAM-Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari and ICAF-International Commission on the Anthropology of Food, Italian Section. The 3rd EuroMediterranean Forum  has the aim to highlight the central dimension and the strategic cross-cutting value of  “food” through the Declaration of Barcelona, in direction of the revision of the future actions of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, that will be reviewed in Barcelona in Novembe, at the Extraordinary High Level Meeting for the 10th anniversary of the Declaration.  In the Mediterranean there is a spread awareness of the social, cultural, health and economic dimension of ‘food’, shared by all Mediterranean people.  “Food” can be a meeting place of dialogue and exchange, very efficient for its cultural and economic importance that has in each single Mediterranean region.  Mediterranean food cultures and the Mediterranean Diet are an outstanding resource which has not yet been fully acknowledged within the EuroMediterranean Partenariat  towards an effective rural sustainable development and the achievement of a broader individual and community well being,  in all Mediterranean countries. The 3rd Forum has the purpose, in direction also of the creation in 2010 of the EuroMed Free Trade Area,  to foster a critical dialogue among all participants on the strategic need  to reach a common position on the ”Mediterranean Diet” and on its ”benefits”. Its aim is to start to act together to try to defend from the increasing erosion the Mediterranean Food Cultures Heritage and related non sedentary healthy Mediterranean life style, as well as to reinforce the sustainability of the agro-food systems of all Mediterranean countries and the food security in the entire region. From the recent  reports of the Sustainable Impact Assessment (SIA) of the EuroMediterranean Free Trade Area (EMFTA) and from the Mediterranean Strategy on Sustainable Development (MSSD), it is already expected a decline in the Mediterranean’s healthy diet patterns. The 3rd Forum wishes to get the synergy, within the trinomial food-wellbeing-art, for the take off  of the project of the EuroMediterranean Network on Food Cultures, addressed to revitalize local capacities connected to the diversity of Mediterranean food cultures heritage in order to reduce its increasing erosion.

2005 Appello di Roma per un Azione Comune sul Cibo nel Mediterraneo, Università di Roma Sapienza,