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THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET: from Health to Lifestyle and a Sustainable Future. F.Xavier Medina and Helen Macbeth (Eds). ICAF-International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, 2021

Editors: Helen Macbeth and F.Xavier Medina. Alimenta Populorum series by the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF), 2021.

  • Introduction. Looking Back, Looking Forward: Necessary Reflections on the Evolution of the Concept of the Mediterranean Diet by F. Xavier Medina and Helen Macbeth 
  • Chapter 1. Old and New Discussions and Disagreements on Food, Health, Culture and Sustainability: The Example of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ by F. Xavier Medina 
  • Chapter 2. A Change of Route in the Mediterranean, revitalising the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ towards more Sustainable Food Systems: A Cross-disciplinary Approach by Sandro Dernini and Roberto Capone
  • Chapter 3. How to Safeguard the Mediterranean Diet the Mediterranean Way by Alen Agaronov 
  • Chapter 4. Challenging a Dietary Concept with Food Intake Studies: 1990s Data from Spanish and French Populations in an Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Valley and on the Mediterranean Coast by Helen Macbeth and Paul Bizzell
  • Chapter 5. The Mediterranean Diet in the Face of an Increasingly Globalised Food System: The Case of the Tunisian Food Model by Sonia Mlayah Hamzaoui 

  • Chapter 6. Mediterranean Food: From the Stereotype to Digital Commerce
    by Isabel González Turmo 

  • Chapter 7. The Importance of Food and Agricultural Heritage Systems in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals by Parviz Koohafkan 

  • Chapter 8. Diets and Landscapes in the Mediterranean: What links? by Alexandre Meybeck and Vincent Gitz

  • Chapter 9. ‘Sustainability’ Reviewed in the Context of Food around the Mediterranean by Helen Macbeth, Lucy Antal, Paul Collinson and Iain Young